Conference Papers
Shuo-Han Chen, Ming-Chang Yang and Yuan-Hao Chang.
The Best of Both Worlds: On Exploiting Bit-Alterable NAND Flash for Lifetime and Read Performance Optimization.
In Proceedings of the 56th Annual Design Automation Conference (DAC)
Mikail Yayla, Anas Toma, Jan Eric Lenssen, Victoria Shpacovitch, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Frank Weichert and Jian-Jia Chen.
Resource-Efficient Nanoparticle Classification Using Frequency Domain Analysis.
In BVM Workshop
Lübeck, Germany, March 2019
Kuan-Hsun Chen, Niklas Ueter, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen.
Efficient Computation of Deadline-Miss Probability and Parametric Remedies for Potential Pitfalls.
In Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE)
Florence, Italy, 25-29th, March 2019
Helena Kotthaus, Lea Schönberger, Andreas Lang, Jian-Jia Chen and Peter Marwedel.
Can Flexible Multi-Core Scheduling Help to Execute Machine Learning Algorithms Resource-Efficiently?.
In 22nd International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems, pages 59--62
Anas Toma, Juri Wenner, Jan Eric Lenssen and Jian-Jia Chen.
Adaptive Quality Optimization of Computer Vision Tasks in Resource-Constrained Devices using Edge Computing.
In the 19th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2019)
Larnaca, Cyprus, May 2019
Lea Schönberger, Georg von der Brüggen, Horst Schirmeier and Jian-Jia Chen.
Design Optimization for Hardware-Based Message Filters in Broadcast Buses.
In Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE)
Florence, Italy, March 25-29 2019
Christian Hakert, Mikail Yayla, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Georg von der Brüggen, Jian-Jia Chen, Sebastian Buschjäger, Katharina Morik, Paul R. Genssler, Lars Bauer, Hussam Amrouch and Jörg Henkel.
Stack Usage Analysis for Efficient Wear Leveling in Non-Volatile Main Memory Systems.
In 1st ACM/IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for CAD (MLCAD)
Alberta, Canada, 2019
Junjie Shi, Niklas Ueter, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen.
Multiprocessor Synchronization of Periodic Real-Time Tasks Using Dependency Graphs.
In 25th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, RTAS, pages 279--292
Junjie Shi, Niklas Ueter, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen.
Partitioned Scheduling for Dependency Graphs in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems.
In 25th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications, RTCSA, pages 1--12
Hangzhou, China, August 18-21 2019
Jian-Jia Chen, Tobias Hahn, Ruben Hoeksma, Nicole Megow and Georg von der Brüggen.
Scheduling Self-Suspending Tasks: New and Old Results.
In 31st Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems, ECRTS, pages 16:1--16:23
Stuttgart, Germany, July 9-12 2019
Yu Ting Ho, Chun-Feng Wu, Ming-Chang Yang, Yseng-Yi Chen and Yuan-Hao Chang.
Replanting Your Forest: NVM-friendly Bagging Strategy for Random Forest.
In Non-Volatile Memory Systems and Applications Symposium (NVMSA)
Kuan-Hsun Chen.
Optimization and analysis for dependable application software on unreliable hardware platforms.
PhD Thesis, 2019
Mikail Yayla, Anas Toma, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Lenssen, Victoria Shpacovitch, Roland Hergenröder, Frank Weichert and Jian-Jia Chen.
Nanoparticle Classification Using Frequency Domain Analysis on Resource-Limited Platforms.
Journal of Sensors 19 4318
October 2019
Marco Dürr, Georg von der Brüggen, Kuan-Hsun Chen and Jian-Jia Chen.
End-to-End Timing Analysis of Sporadic Cause-Effect Chains in Distributed Systems.
ACM Trans. Embedded Comput. Syst. 18 5s, pages 58:1--58:24
2019, Presented in the International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems (CASES)
Jian-Jia Chen, Geoffrey Nelissen, Wen-Hung Huang, Maolin Yang, Björn Brandenburg, Konstantinos Bletsas, Cong Liu, Pascal Richard, Frédéric Ridouard, Neil Audsley, Raj Rajkumar, Dionisio Niz and Georg von der Brüggen.
Many suspensions, many problems: a review of self-suspending tasks in real-time systems.
Real-Time Systems 55 1, pages 144--207
Maolin Yang, Wen-Hung Huang and Jian-Jia Chen.
Resource-Oriented Partitioning for Multiprocessor Systems with Shared Resources.
{IEEE} Trans. Computers 68 6, pages 882--898