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ARTIST mobility action

  • Year 1: cooperation with IMEC, Leuven Belgium
  • Year 2: cooperation with the University of Linköping (Prof. Petru Eles)

    This action comprises the joint supervision of the Master's thesis of Olivera Jovanovic, student of the University of Dortmund. From May 1st to October 31st 2006,  Olivera Jovanovic worked at Linköping.

    Topic of the thesis: Reducing dynamic and leakage energy in multiprocessor systems online

    Content: We consider a real-time multiprocessor system with dynamic voltage scaling processors. The mapping and scheduling of our task set is given.

    In previous work [1] an approach for dynamic and leakage energy reduction in multiprocessor systems was presented. This approach achieves energy efficiency by exploiting the static slack available in the task schedule via combined supply voltage scaling and body biasing. In order to be able to exploit dynamic slack (resulted at runtime, for example when the tasks do not execute their worst case number of clock cycles), online voltage reduction techniques are needed. Since these algorithms are executed online, after each of the tasks finishes, they must have a low complexity. [2] proposes a quasi-static voltage-scaling technique for a single processor system with continuous voltage modes.

    The goal of this thesis is to generalize [2], so that it works for multiprocessor systems with consideration of discrete voltage modes, intra-task scaling and shutdowns of the processors during idle periods for energy minimization. The first step is the generalization of the quasi-static algorithm for multiprocessor systems with continuous voltage modes and after this a stepwise consideration of the discrete voltage modes, intratask scaling and shutdowns.

    [1] Alexandru Andrei, Marcus Schmitz, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, and Bashir Al-Hashimi.
    Overhead-conscious voltage selection for dynamic and leakage energy reduction of Time-constrained
    systems. In Proc. Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conf. (DATE04), pages 518-523, Feb 2004
    [2] Alexandru Andrei, Marcus Schmitz, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, and Bashir Al-Hashimi.
    Quasi-static voltage scaling for energy minimization with time constraints
    Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE 2005), Munich, Germany, March 7-11,
    2005, pp. 514-519

    The resulting thesis was submitted at the University of Dortmund.  Currently, Olivera Jovanovic is working toward her PhD at the University of Dortmund.