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2011 EDAA / ACM SIGDA PhD Forum at DATE in Grenoble

The EDAA / ACM PhD forum is part of the DATE Conference and hosted by ACM SIGDA and the European Design Automation Association (EDAA). It offers the opportunity for PhD students to present their thesis work to a broad audience in the design, automation and test community from academia and industry. During the presentation at the DATE Conference, it helps students to establish contacts. Also, representatives from industry and academia get a glance of state-of-the-art research in design, automation and test. The review process resulted in the selection of the PhD students listed below. We thank the EDAA, ACM SIGDA and DATE for making this Forum possible.

Peter Marwedel
Chair 2010 EDAA/ACM PhD Forum DATE

PhD Forum Committee

  • P. Marwedel (Chair), TU* Dortmund, Germany
  • N. Wehn, TU* Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • D. Bertozzi, University of Bologna, Italy
  • J. Figueras, Departament d‘Enginyeria Electrònica, Barcelona, Spain
  • W. Anheier, Bremen University, Germany
  • T. Vierhaus, TU* Cottbus, Germany
  • M. Balakrishnan, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi India
  • J. Henkel, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
  • U. Heinkel, TU* Chemnitz, Germany
  • U. Rückert, University of Paderborn, Germany
  • B. Lisper, University College of Mälardalen, Sweden
  • S. Stuijk, TU* Eindhoven, Netherlands,
  • R. Ernst, TU*Braunschweig, Germany
  • C. Paar, University of Bochum, Germany
  • P. Puschner, TU Wien, Austria
  • M. Schimmler, University of Kiel, Germany

* TU = Technical University 

Selected presentations

  1. Abel, Nobert (University of Heidelberg): Design and Implementation of an Object-Oriented Framework for Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
  2. Akesson, Benny (TU Eindhoven): Predictable and Composable System-on-Chip Memory Controllers
  3. Akkouche, Nourredine (TIMA, Grenoble): Optimization of production test of analog and RF circuits using statistical modelling techniques
  4. Anwar, Al-Khateeb (Politecnico di Torino): Model-Based Design of Low-Energy Wireless Sensor Networks
  5. Bako, Laszlo (Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania): Hardware Implementations of Artificial Neuromorphic Neural Network Systems using Reconfigurable Digital Devices
  6. Bartolini, Andrea (University of Bologna): Thermal and Energy Management for High-Performance Multicores
  7. Bhasin, Shivam (Telecom-Paristech): Logic Level-Countermeasures to Secure FPGA-based Designs
  8. Calimera, Andrea (Politecnico di Torino): Design Techniques and EDA Tools for Reliable and Aging-Free, Low-Power Digital Systems
  9. Tsertov, Anton (Tallinn University of Technology): Modeling Framework for Beyond the SoCs Test Automation
  10. Daneshtalab, Masoud (University of Turku): Efficient Multicast Routing Protocols for Networks-on-Chip
  11. Dubois, Matthieu (TIMA, Grenoble): Test metrics estimation of complex analog and mixedsignal circuits at the design stage
  12. Ebrahimi, Masoumeh (University of Turku): Unicast and Multicast Communication Protocols in Networks on Chip
  13. Elm, Melanie (University of Stuttgart): Built-In Self-Diagnosis for Ultra-Large Scale Integrated-Circuits
  14. Facchini, Marco (IMEC, Leuven): Configurable low-latency 3D-memory dies, integrated using through silicon VIAs
  15. Fazeli, Mahdi (Sharif University, Tehran): Soft Error Rate Estimation and Mitigation in Digital Circuits
  16. Foroutan, Sahar (TIMA, Grenoble): An Analytical Method for the Performance Evaluation of Networks-on-Chip
  17. Gaillardon, Pierre-Emmanuel (CEA, LETI, Minatec Campus, Grenoble): Resistive-memorybased architectures for configurable logic circuits
  18. Gaspar, Lubos (Université de Lyon): Cryptographic NIOS II extension with secure key management
  19. Gentile, Guiseppe (European Space Research and Technology Centre, Noordwijk): Study and design of decoder architectures of Low-Density Parity-Check and Turbo Codes for highrate flexible communication systems
  20. Ghavami, Behnam (Amirkabir University, Tehran), High Yield Design of Carbon Nanotubebased Digital Circuits in the Presence of Large Variation
  21. Di Guglielmo, Luigi (University of Verona): Discrete Code Generation from Hybrid Automata
  22. Hanumaiah, Vinay (ASU, Tempe): Different aspects of dynamic thermal management (DTM)
  23. Hartmann, Philipp A. (OFFIS, Oldenburg): Application-driven Design for Efficient Simulation of Complex Hardware/Software Systems
  24. Huang, Huang (Florida International University ): Leakage Conscious Power and Thermal Aware Scheduling Techniques for Real-Time Computing Systems
  25. Jose, Bijoy (Fermat Lab, Blacksburg): Formal model driven software synthesis for embedded systems
  26. Kakoee, Mohammad (University of Bologna): Automatic Synthesis of Near-Threshold Circuits with Fine-Grained Performance Tunability
  27. Kostin, Sergei (Tallinn University of Technology): Macro Level Defect-Oriented Diagnosability of Digital Circuits
  28. Langer, Jan (TU Chemnitz): High-Level Synthesis Using Operation Properties
  29. Lin, Lang (University of Massachusetts): Cryptographic Circuit Design in Nanometer CMOS Technologies
  30. Ludovici, Daniele (University of Ferrera): Technology Aware Network-on-Chip Connectivity and Synchronization Design
  31. Ma, Kun (University of Illinois at Chicago): Concurrent Error Detection Techniques: Countermeasures for Fault Attacks on Cryptosystems
  32. Obien, Marie Engelene (NAIST, Nara): Studies on F-Scan: A Design for Testability Method for Functional RTL Circuits
  33. Ost, Luciano (University of York): Abstract Models of NOC-Based MPSoCs for Design Space Exploration
  34. Paolieri, Marco (University of Catalunya): A multicore architecture for safety critical real-time embedded systems
  35. Paterna, Francesco (University of Bologna): Variability-tolerant High-reliability Multicore Platforms
  36. Rahman, Mohammad (University of Texas): Power and Leakage Minimization for Digital ICs
  37. Salimi Khaligh, Rauf (University of Stuttgart): Transaction Level Modeling and High Performance Simulation of Embedded Systems
  38. Schröder, Christian (TU Braunschweig): Configuration Interoperability of Hardware-Software-Models in SystemC
  39. Shafique, Muhammad (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): Architectures for Adaptive Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  40. Sotiriou–Xanthopoulos, Efstathios (University of Athens): A Bottom-Up Methodology for Run-Time Reconfigurable RTL Components
  41. Spies, Christopher (TU Darmstadt): Model-Based Feasibility Analysis for Digital Beam Phase Control in a Heavy-Ion Synchrotron
  42. Suelflow, Andre (University of Bremen): WoLFram - A Word Level Framework for Formal Verification and its Application
  43. Trouve, Antoine (Kyushu University): A Fast, Flexible and Portable Design Space Exploration Tool for DR-ASIP
  44. Wang, Zhonglei (TU München): Software Performance Estimation Methods for System-Level Design of Embedded Systems
  45. Xue, Bing (Fermat Lab, Blacksburg): Formal Approach for Latency Insensitive Design Optimization
  46. Zaourar, Lilia (Laboratoire G-SCOP INP, Grenoble): Optimizing Design For Test Techniques