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DATE   NEWS  (Group Activities) 
20.11.2020 PG 629 "F1/10 Autonomous Racing: Head to Head Capabilities" receives the 2020 P^5 Award
29.09.2020 Dr.-Ing. Georg von der Brüggen receives the Dissertation Award of the Graduation Award of the Expert Committee for Real-Time Systems of the German Informatics Society 
16.12.2019 Dr.-Ing. Kuan-Hsun Chen receives the 2019 TU Dortmund Dissertation AwardPhotos 
16.12.2019 Chrisitian Hakert receives the 2019 TU Dortmund best Master Thesis Award 
10.12.2019 Prof. Jian-Jia Chen receives the ERC Conslidator Award from the European Research Council, with a project budget of almost 2 million EUR for 5 years
14.11.2019   Georg von der Brueggen successfully defends his dissertation, "Realistic Scheduling Models and Analyses for Advanced Real-Time Embedded Systems", Photos
04.11.2019 Prof. Jian-Jia Chen is appointed as the Program Chair of IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium 2020
05-06.07.2019 Workshop of Embedded Systems, Dedicated to Peter Marwedel on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday
22.05.2019  Kuan-Hsun Chen successfully defends his dissertation, "Optimization and Analysis for Dependable Application Software on Unreliable Hardware Platforms", Photos

Niklas Ueter receives the "Hans-Uhde-Stiftung" Award for his master thesis, Link

11.06.2018 Olaf Neugebauer successfully defends his dissertation, "Efficient Implementation of Resource-Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems Using Multi-Core Parallelism"
07.06.2018 Helena Kotthaus successfully defends her dissertation, "Methods for Efficient Resource Utilization in Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms"

Wen-Hung (Kevin) Huang successfully defends his dissertation, "Scheduling Algorithms and Timing Analysis for Hard Real-Time Systems", Photos


25th Anniversary of the Embedded Systems Group at TU Dortmund



DATE   NEWS  (Research/Project Activities) 
01.11.2019   DFG Project: Design and Analysis of Self-Suspension Embedded Systems (Sus-Aware) starts
01.10.2019 DFG Project: Design und Optimization of non-volatile One Memory Architecture (NVM-OMA) starts, coPI with Joerg Henkel (KIT, Germany), Yuan-Hao Chang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Chia-Lin Yang (NTU, Taiwan), Che-Wei Chang (CGU, Taiwan)
01.01.2019 Two DFG subprojects from SFB876 start (1) SFB876-A1 (external link), (2) SFB876-A3 (external link)