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Start of course: Wendsday, April 23rd, 2014

Classroom sessions

Wendsday: 10:15 - 11:45, OH 16/E18

Thursday: 12:15 - 13:45, OH 16/E18


Credits: 6

Finals: (to be confirmed)


Course Introduction:

Real-time systems play a crucial role in many applications, such as avionic control systems, automotive electronics, telecommunications, industrial automation, and robotics. Such safety-critical applications require high reliability in timing assurance to prevent from serious damage to the environment and significant human loss.

In this course, we will study the foundemtals from theoretical and practical perspetives to provide formal design and verification of real-time systems. The main objectives are to introduce the basic concepts  and some advanced topics in real-time systems, illustrate the most significant and state-of-the-art results in the field, and provide the basic methodologies for designing predictable computing systems which can be used to support critical control applications. The following subjects will be covered in the course:

  • Introduction to Task Models and Scheduling 
  • Uniprocessor Scheduling
  • Resource Sharing and Resource Reservation Servers 
  • Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis and Compilers Perspectives
  • Real-Time Operating Systems and Programming Languages 
  • Real-Time Communications
  • Real-Time Calculus
  • Multiprocessor Scheduling


A basic background in algorithm analysis, data structures, operating systems, and discrete math will be assumed.


Giorgio C. Buttazzo, “Hard Real-Time Computing Systems: Predictable Scheduling Algorithms and Applications”, Springer, Second Edition, 2004. ISBN: 0-387-23137-4 (roughly 40% of the lecture)

Conference and journal papapers in the literature. To be available




Real-Time Calculus:

Multiprocessor Scheduling: 



 Session Subject  Slides and Supplementary Materiall 

 Break (conference trip)

 16,04,14   Break (conference trip)
 23,04,14  Introduction of Real-Time Systems and Task Models




 Analysis of RM and EDF Scheduling (I)




 Exercise 1 

 Solution 1 

 Analysis of RM and EDF Scheduling (II)


 Analysis of RM and EDF Scheduling (III)



 13,05,14  Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET)  04-WCET.pdf
 14,05,14  Exercise 2
 20,05,14  Reservation Servers  05-Servers.pdf
 21,05,14  Exercise 2 (cont.)


 Resource Access Protocols



 Real-Time Programming Languages

 03,06,14  Real-Time Operating Systems  08-RTOS.pdf
 04,06,14  Exercise 3

 Real-Time Calculus



 17,06,14  Real-Time Communications  10-Communication.pdf
 18,06,14  Exercise 4   
 24,06,14  Multiprocessor Scheduling (I)  11-Partition.pdf
 25,06,14  Exercise 5
 01,07,14  Multiprocessor Scheduling (II)


 02,07,14  Multiprocessor Scheduling (III)



 08,07,14  Exercise 6
 09,08,14  break 
 15,07,14  Soft Real-Time Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems   
 16,07,14  Exercise 7    
 23,07,14  Model-Based Design and Conclusion