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Homepage: Proseminars "Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems" in SS 2016

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) represent a wide range of applications that involve digital processing components to have interactions with the physical environment. They have appeared in many applications, such as avionic control systems, automotive electronics, industrial automation, and robotics. 

This proseminar will discuss the design of automotive CPS by presenting the material related to 

  • the development processes, techniques, and tools of computer-based functions embedded in vehicles, 

  • the viewpoints from industry and academic experts, car manufacturers, and suppliers

  • the features and functioning schemes of CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and TTCAN protocols

  • the main problems in the design of automotive embedded systems, including time-to-market, variability, and response times , and

  • the classification-tree method, test scenario selection approaches, black-box/white-box testing processes, and fault-injection and monitoring techniques



Start of course: 10:15 am, Thursday, April 14th, 2016, (OH 14, E02)

First presentation: Weakly after Thursday, May 5th  12th, 2016 


Classroom: OH 14, E02


Language: English


Seminar Material: We will read the book

Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook (Industrial Information Technology) 1st Edition

by Nicolas Navet (Editor), Francoise Simonot-Lion (Editor) (http://lib.myilibrary.com/Open.aspx?id=194054)

You can download the book from an IP address within TU Dortmund. It is limited to download only 10% of the book a day.



Schedule of the Presentation Course and Rehearsal Talks:

Date   Topic   Speakers    Slides
21, 04, 2016    Short Presentation Course   Prof. Jian-Jia Chen  Introduction.pdf
12, 05, 2016

   Chapter 2 + Chapter 3 

 Kimia Karajibani

 Maik Sube 

19, 05, 2016     Chapter 4 + Chapter 5

Christoph Spickermann

Milosz Sobieraj 

02, 06, 2016 Chapter 6  

Tunahan Coban

16, 06, 2016

Chapter 7 + Chapter 8

(Chapter 9 as optional)

Lukas Luzius

Marcel Moiser

23, 06, 2016 Chapter 11 + Chapter 12

Minh Dang

Vincent Meyers

30, 06, 2016        Backup session



Schedule of the Final Blocked Presentation:

Date: 28,07,2016 (Thursday), starting at 10 am.

Place: OH16, E18 

Chapter 13+14 will be presented by Prof. Jian-Jia Chen