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What is M4GGIE?

M4GGIE is an initiative that aims at arousing 11- to 14-year-old girls’ interest in science. In our workshops, the students' self-esteem regarding STEM is strengthened, negative stereotypes are undermined, and new role models provided: scientists as super heroes who can change the world. The initiative was founded by Dr. Helena Kotthaus, research associate for resource-efficient machine learning algorithms, and Lea Schönberger, PhD student for embedded systems, at TU Dortmund University, Germany.


In cooperation with the project MinTU, we hosted two pilot workshops. To measure the impact M4GGIE has on the participants, we conduct surveys within each workshop. In our workshops, we succeeded in strengthening the participants' self-esteem with respect to STEM and in undermining gender stereotypes. According to the collected data, 85% of the participants report that they feel more confident to study computer science than before the workshop. Moreover, all participants initially affected by gender stereotypes, state that women and men are equally capable of (computer) science. More information (in German language) can be found here.

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Join our Mission!

Unlike other initiatives, M4GGIE addresses not only young girls, but targets at three distinct components interacting with each other, namely, young girls, their parents, and their teachers. We aim to cooperate with (local) schools by offering workshops realized as project days at the particular schools. In each workshop, the students will prepare short presentations about the main topics, which will be held in front of teachers and parents at the end of the workshop. By this means, both teachers and parents are made aware of the issues M4GGIE fights against, of the actual meaning and importance of science, as well as of their students' and children's capabilities. Building on these, we plan to offer workshops at university, addressing students whose interest has been aroused by in-school workshops. In the course of these, distinct areas of (computer) science and the work of related female scientists will be introduced. To allow each student to join the workshops at any point, the workshops are designed independent from each other. We intend to spread the concept of M4GGIE by presenting it on (international) scientific conferences, either as a publication or in the shape of a workshop. Thus, we hope to find allies who want to join our mission and to expand M4GGIE to all fields of STEM. If you want to know more about the M4GGIE initiative or if you want to join our mission, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .