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Design Automation for Embedded Systems Group

As the name suggests, the DAES group focusses on the design automation of embedded systems. This means that the group works on methodologies and tools which automate or help to design embedded systems. Design automation aims at reducing the cost of designing embedded systems and at improving properties of the resulting designs (e.g. the energy consumption or the timing predictability). The focus is on generating tool chains for designing embedded software. Such tool chains include compilers, optimizers and tools mapping applications to execution platforms.



We are sorry to be the bearers of sad news, that our dear colleague Dr. Winfried Jansen passed away in February 2020. Winfried Jansen has been employed in Faculty of Informatik at TU Dortmund for several years and had led the compulsory exercise of hardware practice at Chair 12 before he passed away. He had been a responsible colleague to handle the room arrangement for the faculty and had engaged to assist the lecturers and students. The Faculty of Informatik and Chair 12 have not only just loss a significant and valuable employee but also a nice and helpful friend. We will always memorize his contribution and friendship.