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Homepage for the course "Introduction to Embedded Systems" in SS08


  • Lectures:
    • Monday: 16:30-18:00 hrs, OH14, E23
    • Thursday: 14:15-15:45hrs (No lecture on May 22th (national holiday))
  • Labs: Tuesday, 12:15-13:45; See lab page
  • Prerequsites:Programming skills, finite state machines
  • Assitants:Heiko Falk
  • Start: May 6th.
  • Literature: P. Marwedel, Embedded System Design, Kluwer, 2005
    (available in the University library and at a rate of about 39 € in bookstores (paperback edition)
    Updated German version: available at 29 €.
  • Discussion forum: http://inpud.cs.uni-dortmund.de/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=178
  • Mailing list: TBD
  • Credits: 6 CP (requires participation in labs and finals)
  • Finals: July 24th, 2008, 12-14
    2nd finals: Oct. 9th, 10-12, OH 16, room 205
  • Target audience: Students of "automation and robotics", ERASMUS students with limited German language skills, internship students from Indian Institutes of Technology, students aiming at improving their English language skills, students unable to attend the corresponding German course in the winter term.
  • Incompatabilities: students can either obtain credit points for "introduction to embedded systems" or the more comprehensive German version of the course, "Eingebettete Systeme", but not for both.


Comprehensive set of slides: ES-book slides
Reduced set of slides:

Lecture Topic Slides
1 Introduction es-marw-1.pdf
2 Models of computation es-marw-2.1-moc.pdf
3 FSM+shared memory: StateCharts es-marw-2.2-statecharts.pdf
4 FSM+message passing: SDL; Petrinets es-marw-2.3-sdl.pdf es-marw-2.4-petri.pdf
5 Data flow: Kahn process networks, SDF, Labview es-marw-2.5-df.pdf
6 Imperative programming: Java, ADA, CSP, MPI es-marw-2.6-imperative.pdf
7 Discrete event models: VHDL, SystemC es-marw-2.7-discrete-event.pdf
8 UML es-marw-2.8-sc-uml.pdf
9 Hardware es-marw-3.1-sensors-discrete-power.pdf
10 Hardware es-marw-3.2-processing.pdf
11 Hardware es-marw-3.3-mem-da.pdf
12 Real-time operating systems (RTOS) es-marw-4-rtos.pdf
13 Aperiodic scheduling es-marw-5.1-aperiodic.pdf
14 Periodic scheduling es-marw-5.2-periodic.pdf
15 Priority inversion; optimization techniques es-marw-5.3-inversion.pdf
16 Optimization techniques; HW/SW partitioning es-marw-5.4-cool.pdf
17 Evaluation es-marw-6-evaluation.pdf
18 Evaluation es-marw-7.1-optimizations.pdf
19 Optimizations es-marw-7.2-optimizations.pdf
20 Quickwalk-through of the entire course