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Informatik 12


Informatik 12, at the faculty of computer science, is responsible for the entire education and most of research for embedded systems and computer engineering. Embedded systems are defined as information processing systems embedded into a surrounding technical product. This includes information processing systems in vehicles (cars, airplanes etc.), in smart buildings, in consumer electronics and industrial automation. After reorganization of all offices by use of information processing, an equivalent influence on all technical systems is expected. Informatik 12 wants to enable students to evaluate and develop embedded systems. Moreover, students should be able to understand and use platforms on which computer science-specific applications are developed. In addition, Informatik 12 wants to increase knowledge in the domain of embedded systems by research contributions and also utilizes this knowledge in specific projects.

Informatik 12 was founded in 1989. Meanwhile, it consists of the following working groups:

Embedded System
Software Group
(Prof. Spinczyk)
Design Automation of
Embedded Systems Group
(Prof. Chen / Prof. Marwedel)
Pattern Recognition
(Prof. Fink)
Lehrstuhl 12
Die Mitarbeiter des Lehrstuhls Informatik 12 im Juni 2015