Dependable Embedded Real-Time Systems: The Team

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Peter Marwedel

Prof. Marwedel is head of the Embedded System Design Automation Group at TU Dortmund and leads the Embedded Systems group at ICD.

Dr. Michael Engel

Michael is a senior researcher at the Embedded System Design Autmation Group. He is the technical lead of the FEHLER research project and — together with Prof. Marwedel — co-author of the related grant proposal.

Michael's areas of expertise are:

  • Operating Systems and Microkernels
  • Hardware Design for Reconfigurable Platforms
  • Software Technology for Embedded Systems

Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Heinig

Andreas is a Ph.D. student funded by the FEHLER project.

Andreas' areas of expertise are:

  • Operating Systems
  • Hardware Interfacing
  • Simulation Platforms

Dipl.-Inf. Florian Schmoll

Florian is a Ph.D. student funded by the FEHLER project.

Florian's areas of expertise are:

  • Compiler Technology
  • WCET Analysis
  • Static Source Code Analysis

Nele Kissler

Nele is a student worker in the FEHLER project. Her responsibilities include the implementation of recovery techniques.


Modern research takes place in networked environments. International partners will provide new insights into problems and give great impulses for new research directions.

In detail, the FEHLER project cooperates with:

  • Prof. Dr. Horst Fiedler, TU Dortmund, Chair for Intelligent Microsystems
  • Prof. Vincent Mooney, Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore