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Source Code Optimization Techniques for Data Flow Dominated Embedded Software

The building blocks of today's embedded systems-on-a-chip (SoC) are complex IP components and programmable processor cores. This means that more and more system functionality is implemented in software rather than in custom hardware motivating the need for highly optimized embedded software.

The source code optimization techniques developed at LS12 focus on the application of optimizations outside a compiler at the source code level. LS12 research in this domain covers the following areas:

  • Several entirely new techniques were developed in combination with efficient algorithms for the most important ones.
  • Control flow analysis and optimization of data-dominated applications is one of the main contributions of our research since this issue remained open up to now.
  • Using real-life applications, large improvements in terms of runtimes and energy dissipation were achieved by our research. Detailed results for a broad range of processors including DSPs, VLIWs and embedded RISC cores are reported.